Hi! My name is Kate and I am a blogger from Adelaide, Australia. I have been travelling since I was a young child, and have enjoyed solo trips around Southeast Asia and South America. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, both of which affect every aspect of my day to day life.

I am highly passionate about destigmatising mental illness and helping other people learn how to cope and particularly how to travel with their disorders. I believe that it is absolutely possible to travel with chronic mental illness, as long as you have the right coping strategies in place. I also advocate for ethical travel practices, and believe that world travellers should be as globally responsible as possible.

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You Can’t “Do” A Place

When I was 18 and visiting Melaka, I met a fellow traveller in his thirties who was adamant that he wanted to “do” the city. Visiting overnight from Kuala Lumpur, he wanted a brief taste of the south Malaysian city so that he could tick it off his list. Melaka is a small city to be sure, with a blend of Portuguese colonial architecture, a Dutch square, and crumbling Chinese shop fronts that stand side by [...]

Why Camping is Great for Your Mental Health

I never went camping with my family as a child. We travelled overseas or took road trips and stayed in holiday houses. My first experience with bush camping was when I was seventeen and went with my high school boyfriend. He was an experienced camper and took care of all the set-up and cooking. It’s only since meeting my current boyfriend that I’ve been camping in a more participatory way, and I immediately noticed how amazing [...]

Guide to Tapanappa Campground in Deep Creek Conservation Park

Adelaide is clean, accessible, and interesting enough, but I have always maintained that the best parts of the state are on day trips away from the city. My boyfriend and I usually both work five days a week, and so we try to take day trips along the coast when we can. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have a few days off work and so we arranged a short camping trip to Deep Creek [...]