Should You Revisit a Place You Love or Explore Somewhere New?

With 195 countries in the world, it can be overwhelming to decide where you should travel next. This problem is further complicated when you have already travelled somewhere and fallen in love with it. You want to explore somewhere new but you also know that you will have a guaranteed amazing time if you revisit a place you love. I felt conflicted when my boyfriend and I booked plane tickets to Japan for three weeks in March next year. It has only been two years since I last went to Japan for my 21st birthday. On that trip, I visited [...]

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Travel Blogs I’m Sick of Reading

As a travel blogger, I try to read a lot of other travel blogs to get a feel for the current state of the industry and improve my own work. I’m also part of a few social media reciprocation groups where I participate in comment threads; I read the posts of others and give them feedback in their comments section, and they do the same for me. While there are a lot of good travel blogs out there that document exciting destinations and add nuanced discussion to the conversation of ethical travel, there are certain travel posts that I’m so [...]

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What It’s Like To Quit Antidepressants Cold Turkey

Disclaimer: please do not take this article as medical advice. Please visit your GP or seek your own information if you are looking to quit your antidepressants, especially if you choose cold turkey. I first went on antidepressants around three years ago because I felt completely disconnected from my body. I felt like I was in a constant daze, felt no emotions towards anyone or anything around me, and couldn’t break through the heaviness in my brain to take any positive steps. Two weeks ago, I decided to quit antidepressants for ironically much the same reasons. I’d felt severely disconnected [...]

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The Difference Between Depression and Sadness

The majority of my friends struggle with depression and/or anxiety. My partner also struggles with periods of recurring depression. Either consciously or subconsciously, I have surrounded myself with people who understand and can relate to my experiences of mental illness. This means I regularly forget that a lot of people do not experience mental illness, and may think that depression is a form of sadness. Depression is often simplified as a period of extended sadness, likely because it’s the easiest explanation. Sadness is an emotion that everyone has experienced at one point or another, and so it is relatable and [...]

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A Guide To Introvert Travel in an Extrovert’s World

We live in an extrovert’s world. In job interviews, you need to be bubbly, social, and demonstrate your social prowess to stand out as a candidate. If you want to forge your own career, then you need to be adept at networking and have maximum confidence in yourself and your abilities. At my age, the majority of social interaction is based around socialising on a large scale: parties, going out drinking, and group events. There seems to be little space for introverts like me, who want to be alone a good proportion of the time. The difference between being introverted [...]

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Lessons After 1 Year Since Being on Suicide Watch

Trigger warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of suicide, self harm, and substance abuse. On the 31st of October 2016, I was put on suicide watch. I thought that I was losing my mind. I had spent two or three days feeling manic and suicidal, and like my emotions were spiralling out of control. I was worried I was just going insane and that I would never feel good things again. I felt a constant undercurrent of manic energy and tears were persistently collecting behind my eyes. My thoughts were always racing, and all I could think about was how [...]

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Stop Telling People Their Dreams Are Unrealistic

When I was a young girl, I really wanted to be a vet. This dream lasted until I realised that being a vet didn’t just mean cuddling cats and dogs. I then switched tacks and decided that I was going to be the youngest published author in the world. The fact that a lot of my fantasy stories were heavily plagiarised from Eragon and Lord of the Rings didn’t become apparent to me until much later in life. However, the point is that I always had big dreams, and never pictured myself following a conventional life. My dreams now revolve [...]

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Colombia Doesn’t Deserve Its Negative Reputation

I never officially planned to travel to Colombia. After my study program in Buenos Aires, I had a 6 week window before my flight home from Santiago, Chile. My initial plan was to travel down the length of Argentina and up Chilean Patagonia. On a whim, I instead bought a one way ticket to Bogotá. Despite its negative reputation, something about Colombia has always appealed to my imagination and sense of adventure. Most Australians only know about Colombia because of what they’ve seen on Narcos. Consequently, it has a negative reputation of a country still run by cartels, with cocaine [...]

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Rape Isn’t Like How It’s Shown on TV

Trigger warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of rape. Popular media has very specific ideas about how rape is portrayed. The victim is female and the rapist is always male. The assault is violent and the victim resists physically and usually verbally. The victim is hyper aware that she is being raped and is highly distressed both during and immediately after the act. I have seen this played out countless times in TV shows and movies. It is incredibly distressing and triggering for me to watch, and yet it barely resembles my rape. It took me until the next day [...]

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Trust is One Of the Most Important Parts of Travel

Learning to trust complete strangers is an important part of the travel experience, especially if you travel alone. A lot of new travellers are highly paranoid about the people around them, and go to great lengths to be self-sufficient and constantly keep an eye on their property. I’ve definitely always erred on the side of complacency when it comes to strangers and trust. I think that this is becoming a bigger trend in travel, with more people using services that are inherently based in trust, such as Couchsurfing and ride sharing. If you pay attention to the popular media, it’s [...]

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