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Why Camping is Great for Your Mental Health

Tent in Tapanappa campground

I never went camping with my family as a child. We travelled overseas or took road trips and stayed in holiday houses. My first experience with bush camping was when I was seventeen and went with my high school boyfriend. He was an experienced camper and took care of all the set-up and cooking. It’s […]


No One Cares About Me


No one cares. My brain tells me this every time I have a fight with someone who I love, every time I get left out of a social gathering, every time I’m feeling lonely. ‘No one cares’ is a grotesque monster that claws its way into my chest and feasts on tiny slivers of my […]


Travel Anxiety: Does It Get Easier?

Imperial Palace Kyoto

I threw up on the airport floor before my solo flight to Buenos Aires in 2017. I hadn’t slept more than half an hour the night before because I lay there, completely paralysed with travel anxiety and unable to even get out of bed. My brain kept telling me over and over that solo travel […]


How to Cope with Body Dysmorphia

girl standing in front of a temple in Nara

I went through puberty very late and extremely quickly. Until the age of sixteen, I was underweight, very short, and completely flat chested. I was regularly misgendered and already knew that others perceived me as ugly. I was convinced by that point that I was going to have the body of a little boy for […]


Instagram is Terrible for Mental Health

Girl in a tunnel covered in leaves

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook offer a much-coveted rush of instant gratification. Instagram in particular is instantly addictive. However, Instagram is terrible for mental health. Unlike other forms of social media, the approval you get from Instagram is mostly from complete strangers, and on a larger scale. Within a matter of minutes after […]


How To Avoid Being Codependent in a Relationship

Man and woman in sunset

I love my boyfriend, but whenever I am in a relationship, my sense of insecurity heightens. It’s because there’s suddenly something to lose, and someone who can take it away from me. I can’t control his feelings towards me, and my abandonment complex rears its ugly head. To cope with all this insecurity, my brain […]


How to Cope with Chronic Feelings of Emptiness

Girl walking down a forest path

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with chronic feelings of emptiness. The emptiness sits in the middle of my stomach like a hollow chasm that grows larger the more I notice it. It feels like I am hungry but without the desire for food. The hunger is for validation, attention, and […]


Interview: How to Travel with Anxiety

adventurous alysha

Today I talk to Alysha from Adventurous Alysha who is another Australian blogger that writes about the intersection of mental illness and travel. Her mission is to help other anxiety sufferers travel in spite of their condition. In this interview she reveals her background of living with her condition and her tips or how to […]


What It’s Like To Quit Antidepressants Cold Turkey

colourful pills

Disclaimer: please do not take this article as medical advice. Please visit your GP or seek your own information if you are looking to quit your antidepressants, especially if you choose cold turkey. I first went on antidepressants around three years ago because I felt completely disconnected from my body. I felt like I was […]


The Difference Between Depression and Sadness

White building in Colonia.

The majority of my friends struggle with depression and/or anxiety. My partner also struggles with periods of recurring depression. Either consciously or subconsciously, I have surrounded myself with people who understand and can relate to my experiences of mental illness. This means I regularly forget that a lot of people do not experience mental illness, […]