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6 Ways I Save Money For Travel

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Travel is one of my biggest priorities in life. I love the freedom it brings and the ways in which it challenges me personally to grow as a human being. I love trekking through mountainous landscapes, eating food packed with spices, and bus trips that stretch on for hours through nature and sprawling cities. However, it’s no secret that travel is expensive and a big financial commitment. I save money for travel by allocating about 50% of my pay-check towards my savings. A lot of people who I speak to are envious of how I travel often, but are unwilling [...]

Why I Chose Travelling Alone at 18

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During my last year of high school, I spent too many hours neglecting my studies to plan my gap year travel. At the time, my high school boyfriend was supposed to join me for a few months around Southeast Asia. We even bought our first flight from Adelaide to Bali together. However, even before we broke up, I became more enamoured with the idea of travelling alone at 18. So when I broke up with him, to my parents’ alarm, I refunded his ticket and kept mine. I had no semblance of street smarts at 18. I struggled with crippling [...]

Should You Revisit a Place You Love or Explore Somewhere New?

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With 195 countries in the world, it can be overwhelming to decide where you should travel next. This problem is further complicated when you have already travelled somewhere and fallen in love with it. You want to explore somewhere new but you also know that you will have a guaranteed amazing time if you revisit a place you love. I felt conflicted when my boyfriend and I booked plane tickets to Japan for three weeks in March next year. It has only been two years since I last went to Japan for my 21st birthday. On that trip, I visited [...]

Stop Telling People Their Dreams Are Unrealistic

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When I was a young girl, I really wanted to be a vet. This dream lasted until I realised that being a vet didn’t just mean cuddling cats and dogs. I then switched tacks and decided that I was going to be the youngest published author in the world. The fact that a lot of my fantasy stories were heavily plagiarised from Eragon and Lord of the Rings didn’t become apparent to me until much later in life. However, the point is that I always had big dreams, and never pictured myself following a conventional life. My dreams now revolve [...]

Colombia Doesn’t Deserve Its Negative Reputation

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I never officially planned to travel to Colombia. After my study program in Buenos Aires, I had a 6 week window before my flight home from Santiago, Chile. My initial plan was to travel down the length of Argentina and up Chilean Patagonia. On a whim, I instead bought a one way ticket to Bogotá. Despite its negative reputation, something about Colombia has always appealed to my imagination and sense of adventure. Most Australians only know about Colombia because of what they’ve seen on Narcos. Consequently, it has a negative reputation of a country still run by cartels, with cocaine [...]

Trust is One Of the Most Important Parts of Travel

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Learning to trust complete strangers is an important part of the travel experience, especially if you travel alone. A lot of new travellers are highly paranoid about the people around them, and go to great lengths to be self-sufficient and constantly keep an eye on their property. I’ve definitely always erred on the side of complacency when it comes to strangers and trust. I think that this is becoming a bigger trend in travel, with more people using services that are inherently based in trust, such as Couchsurfing and ride sharing. If you pay attention to the popular media, it’s [...]

Top 5 Attractions in Cartagena

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The old colonial port city of Cartagena, Colombia, lies lazy and lethargic under a heavy blanket of pervasive Caribbean humidity. Long, labyrinthine alleyways wind between grand, multi-storey buildings coated in ivy leaves and perfumed flowers stretched across their brightly coloured faces and iron-wrought balconies. To explore in Cartagena is to brave the sweltering heat and to be rewarded with colourful streets brimming with local vendors, restaurants hidden behind shop fronts, and tiny squares surrounded by colonial architecture. These are the best sights that the city has to offer. Palacio de la Inquisición The Palace of the Inquisition is the former [...]

5 Misconceptions About Travel in South America

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Many of my friends and family were terrified when I said that I was travelling alone to South America for ten weeks. The media is full of so many negative misconceptions about the continent, which mainly focus on drug-fuelled violence, political instability, and crippling poverty. With the popularity of TV shows like Narcos, which follows the life story of the cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar, many Australians’s view of the region is related to drugs and violence. This is coupled with the fact that South America is on the complete opposite side of the world to Australia and often overshadowed by [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Little-Known Boyacá, Colombia

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I’m a self-confessed gringa. I carried a Lonely Planet for the entirety of my travels through Colombia, and consulted it for recommended locations, hostels and restaurants. Of course, I liked to randomly wander and find my own places to enjoy, but I always had the trusty guidebook in my bag just in case. A group of men yelled gringa at me for the first time in Sogamoso, Colombia. Not out of spite or anger, but pure surprise. Locals are so unused to seeing foreigners in Boyacá, let alone young foreign women, that every person openly stared at me on the street. I [...]

Reclaiming Community Spaces in Medellín, Colombia

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During the 1980’s, Medellín was the murder capital of the world. In this post, I talk briefly about the conditions during the city in this time and the terrorist acts committed under the orders of the drug lord Pablo Escobar. No traveller in the world would have considered Colombia to be a place that they wanted to travel, let alone the crime hotspot of Medellín. Today, Medellín is a traveller’s favourite and highly recommended by every person in Colombia that I came across. Colombia itself is truly making its mark on the well-trodden backpacker route around South America and is [...]