Hi! My name is Kate and I am a blogger from Adelaide, Australia. I have been travelling since I was a young child, and have enjoyed solo trips around Southeast Asia and South America. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, both of which affect every aspect of my day to day life.

I am highly passionate about destigmatising mental illness and helping other people learn how to cope and particularly how to travel with their disorders. I believe that it is absolutely possible to travel with chronic mental illness, as long as you have the right coping strategies in place. I also advocate for ethical travel practices, and believe that world travellers should be as globally responsible as possible.

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No One Cares About Me

No one cares. My brain tells me this every time I have a fight with someone who I love, every time I get left out of a social gathering, every time I’m feeling lonely. ‘No one cares’ is a grotesque monster that claws its way into my chest and feasts on tiny slivers of my heart. It sneaks in, barely noticed, and has already wrapped its spiny arms around my chest by the time I hear [...]

Travel Anxiety: Does It Get Easier?

I threw up on the airport floor before my solo flight to Buenos Aires in 2017. I hadn’t slept more than half an hour the night before because I lay there, completely paralysed with travel anxiety and unable to even get out of bed. My brain kept telling me over and over that solo travel was going to disintegrate my long-distance relationship and leave me alone on the opposite side of the world, where no one [...]

How to Cope with Body Dysmorphia

I went through puberty very late and extremely quickly. Until the age of sixteen, I was underweight, very short, and completely flat chested. I was regularly misgendered and already knew that others perceived me as ugly. I was convinced by that point that I was going to have the body of a little boy for the rest of my life. It took me by surprise when I shot up six inches over a year and grew [...]