Hi! My name is Kate and I am a blogger from Adelaide, Australia. I have been travelling since I was a young child, and have enjoyed solo trips around Southeast Asia and South America. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder, both of which affect every aspect of my day to day life.

I am highly passionate about destigmatising mental illness and helping other people learn how to cope and particularly how to travel with their disorders. I believe that it is absolutely possible to travel with chronic mental illness, as long as you have the right coping strategies in place. I also advocate for ethical travel practices, and believe that world travellers should be as globally responsible as possible.

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6 Ways I Save Money For Travel

Travel is one of my biggest priorities in life. I love the freedom it brings and the ways in which it challenges me personally to grow as a human being. I love trekking through mountainous landscapes, eating food packed with spices, and bus trips that stretch on for hours through nature and sprawling cities. However, it’s no secret that travel is expensive and a big financial commitment. I save money for travel by allocating about 50% [...]

Instagram is Terrible for Mental Health

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook offer a much-coveted rush of instant gratification. Instagram in particular is instantly addictive. However, Instagram is terrible for mental health. Unlike other forms of social media, the approval you get from Instagram is mostly from complete strangers, and on a larger scale. Within a matter of minutes after posting a photo, your phone is full of notifications from strangers approving of your content. Travel bloggers have Instagram down to [...]

Why I Chose Travelling Alone at 18

During my last year of high school, I spent too many hours neglecting my studies to plan my gap year travel. At the time, my high school boyfriend was supposed to join me for a few months around Southeast Asia. We even bought our first flight from Adelaide to Bali together. However, even before we broke up, I became more enamoured with the idea of travelling alone at 18. So when I broke up with him, [...]