Travel Anxiety: Does It Get Easier?

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I threw up on the airport floor before my solo flight to Buenos Aires in 2017. I hadn’t slept more than half an hour the night before because I lay there, completely paralysed with travel anxiety and unable to even get out of bed. My brain kept telling me over and over that solo travel was going to disintegrate my long-distance relationship and leave me alone on the opposite side of the world, where no one would want to talk to me. Anxiety usually manifests itself as extreme nausea in my body, which explains the vomiting on the airport floor. [...]

Interview: How to Travel with Anxiety

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Today I talk to Alysha from Adventurous Alysha who is another Australian blogger that writes about the intersection of mental illness and travel. Her mission is to help other anxiety sufferers travel in spite of their condition. In this interview she reveals her background of living with her condition and her tips or how to travel with anxiety. Hey Alysha! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I’m a 22-year-old lover of travel from a beach town on the east coast of Australia, who can’t stop watching the movie Wayne’s World, and snacking on mangoes and hot [...]

Perfectionism is Killing Me

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Perfectionism is slowly killing me inside. My psychologist refers to the phenomenon as ‘unrelenting standards’, which means that I set a standard for myself that can never actually be attained. These standards also do not apply to other people in my eyes. This covers all aspects of my life, from relationships to academic achievements. I could view perfectionism as a positive, other than the fact that I experience constant stress and anxiety because of it. I have quit so many things that I have started, from university courses, to online travel writing courses. I quit them because I felt like [...]

Overcoming Social Anxiety Through Travelling Solo

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I didn’t speak to another person for the first five weeks of my solo trip to Southeast Asia. I hid in private rooms in hostels, made shy smiles at other people, but never took the initiative to approach anyone and start a conversation. I was only 18 years old, fresh out of high school and quite frankly terrified. I cried the entirety of my first night away from home and wondered what the hell I was doing by travelling alone. I’d never planned to be undertaking this trip alone; I’d originally planned it with my ex boyfriend and broken up [...]