Instagram is Terrible for Mental Health

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Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook offer a much-coveted rush of instant gratification. Instagram in particular is instantly addictive. However, Instagram is terrible for mental health. Unlike other forms of social media, the approval you get from Instagram is mostly from complete strangers, and on a larger scale. Within a matter of minutes after posting a photo, your phone is full of notifications from strangers approving of your content. Travel bloggers have Instagram down to an art. The business profile analytics allow you to view the best times to post new photos, related to when most of your followers [...]

Interview: How to Travel with Anxiety

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Today I talk to Alysha from Adventurous Alysha who is another Australian blogger that writes about the intersection of mental illness and travel. Her mission is to help other anxiety sufferers travel in spite of their condition. In this interview she reveals her background of living with her condition and her tips or how to travel with anxiety. Hey Alysha! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. I’m a 22-year-old lover of travel from a beach town on the east coast of Australia, who can’t stop watching the movie Wayne’s World, and snacking on mangoes and hot [...]

Travel Blogs I’m Sick of Reading

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As a travel blogger, I try to read a lot of other travel blogs to get a feel for the current state of the industry and improve my own work. I’m also part of a few social media reciprocation groups where I participate in comment threads; I read the posts of others and give them feedback in their comments section, and they do the same for me. While there are a lot of good travel blogs out there that document exciting destinations and add nuanced discussion to the conversation of ethical travel, there are certain travel posts that I’m so [...]

Blogging is Seriously Hard Work

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Blogging is seriously hard work. I’ve hit a major roadblock when it comes to being inspired to write, and so have deliberated over several half-finished posts for weeks. I work in short, sharp bursts of energy that mean I can finish an entire blog post in one hour, and then not write again for four days. Unfortunately, my perfectionism starts to kick in, and then I start to feel like a failure for not being a non-stop creation machine. Blogging courses recommend posting at least three times a week when starting out, and I feel disheartened that I don’t have [...]