How To Avoid Being Codependent in a Relationship

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I love my boyfriend, but whenever I am in a relationship, my sense of insecurity heightens. It’s because there’s suddenly something to lose, and someone who can take it away from me. I can’t control his feelings towards me, and my abandonment complex rears its ugly head. To cope with all this insecurity, my brain tells me that I should try to spend every second of every day with my boyfriend so that he doesn’t have an opportunity to find anyone better. However, this is unsustainable and we would probably get sick of each other. I want to avoid being [...]

How To Handle a Long-Distance Relationship While Travelling

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When I met my current boyfriend, I had a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires and no intention of entering into a relationship, let alone a long-distance relationship. I had plans of travelling for a year by myself and working my way around South America. Three things happened: I realised that I didn’t have enough money saved, I had a major mental health relapse, and I fell deeply in love. I’m notoriously bad at long-distance relationships. I’d tried them twice before my current boyfriend, and they always ended the same way. I got caught up in the excitement of travelling alone [...]